Tournament Registration

Tournament Registration

Welcome to USA Softball of South Carolina Tournament Registration Page. You can register your team for any event by logging in and filling out registration form.
Payment is NOT due at time of registration.


When selecting team classification:
This year we will let teams select their classification for each tournament. As long as enough teams are entered in each classification then only teams entered in that class will compete against each other.

Gold - Highest Level. Teams who want to play the best
A Class - Mid to Upper level teams, Striving for Gold
B Class - Low to Mid Level Teams
C Class - Introductory to Low Level Teams

Coaches - We Understand your Level of play can change as the year goes on or by who you may pick up so please keep us updated if you feel your status changes. Also if we need to change your status based on performance we have the right to do so.

HAVE ETHICS-  EX: If you are a B Class team normally but pick up a player or players that would not make you a Class B team for that event PLEASE let us know.

If you have any questions please contact:

Chad Greene

David Harris